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Cindy's Bootcamp

Cindy's Bootcamp is a fitness training camp based in Mumbai located near Juhu Beach. Born out of passion for physical fitness & wellbeing Cindy has transformed her own training regime and designed a unique strength and conditioning programme sharing her knowledge & love for CrossFit, Martial Arts, Yoga and Dance. Her training leaves nothing behind and combines the best of all 4 disciplines improving every aspects of fitness and motivating people to excel in the capacities of their own bodies.

Cindy’s bootcamp is a tribute to her father, a Colonel in the French Gendarmerie who taught her when she was a young ballet dancer that ardour, discipline and persistence are vital to progress and the key to success. Every single workout will challenge people's mental abilities and encourage team bonding and camaraderie. Cindy has also looked after the training regime of some of Bollywood’s biggest stars such as Katrina Kaif and recently appeared in GQ and Vogue.


Cindy recommends :

  • Functional training : To train in a way that will fit our lifestyle and translate to our sport
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT) : For time management and maximum results
  • Crossfit : For the strength element and the push factor
  • Muay thai : This type of conditioning is powerful and has a real cathartic effect
  • Ballet : To become more mobile, flexible and have a stellar posture
  • Yoga : Bringing a spiritual approach to training, coaching from the inside out